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My Medical Center

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My Medical Center

My Medical Center is one of the leading private medical institutions in St. Petersburg, where comprehensive medical care is provided to individuals and insured clients. 

We take care of the health of our patients, surrounding them with attention and comfort, relying on the high professionalism of our specialists and the latest achievements in the field of medicine. We do our best to ensure that our patients enjoy their lives.

My medical Center is:

  • More than 500 administrative and medical staff
  • Qualified specialists in high-demand medical areas
  • More than 50 leading experts — recognized experts of St. Petersburg
  • More than 5,000 medical services in 150 licensed areas (including hand surgery, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, sports medicine, etc.)
  • Modern medical equipment
  • Own diagnostic base (including endoscopic department, department of functional, radiation diagnostics, clinical diagnostic laboratory)
  • Round-the-clock multidisciplinary inpatient care
  • 18 single rooms of superior comfort
  • 5 double rooms
  • 4 Luxury wards
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Day hospital
  • A full range of outpatient services for adults and children
  • Ambulance and emergency medical care 24/7
  • Center for Personalized Medicine

years of successful work
visits daily
36 000+
unique patients annually

St. Petersburg, Malaya Konushennaya, 8
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Call centre:
+7 (812) 406-88-88
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